ATM and POS Monitoring

Protect Your Bank against Fraud and Intrusions

Attackers are increasingly targeting automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) devices by remotely installing malware bypassing firewalls, VPNs, network segmentation and other defenses. Increasingly, the attacks target network-based ATMs putting today’s financial institutions at considerable risk. Securing ATMs and other payment channels is no longer a choice but has become a necessity for banks to avoid serious financial and reputational damage.

Hitachi Systems Security has developed a ATM and POS Monitoring service as part of our managed security service to protect organizations against phishing, social engineering, malware and other criminal campaigns. ATM and POS Monitoring allows Hitachi Systems Security analysts to monitor the security of your ATMs and network, thus improving your security posture and protecting your organization against attacks.

What is ATM Monitoring?

ATM Monitoring is a cybersecurity monitoring technique that uses dedicated, specifically designed agents to monitor ATMs on a 24/7 basis. This round-the-clock monitoring of ATM activity helps your organization identify potential security alerts when it comes to your ATM customers, application servers or infrastructure. In addition, by developing comprehensive threat scenarios, banks can prioritize their response to security incidents and better identify suspicious behavior to ultimately secure their ATMs and prevent attacks from occurring.

Added Value

Hitachi Systems Security’s Vulnerability Assessments identify the key information assets of your organization, determine the vulnerabilities that threaten the security of those assets, provide recommendations to strengthen your security posture and help mitigate risk, thereby allowing you to focus your IT resources more effectively.

24/7 Monitoring of ATM Environment

Protection against ATM and POS Fraud

Log Correlation for Quick Incident Escalation and Response

Real-Time Visibility on Cyberthreats

ATM and POS Fraud: Preventing Bank Card Hacks

Learn more about ATM and POS hacking by accessing our blog article about ATM and POS fraud.

Vulnerability Assessments Services Benefits

Hitachi Systems Security’s ATM Monitoring service was designed to offer your organization a greater level of protection of your ATM and POS environment. From our 5 Security Operations Centers around the world, our team monitors and analyzes the logs generated by your ATM systems and network to help you:

Prevent ATM and POS attacks before they occur

Secure your ATMs and other payment channels

Gain real-time, 24/7 visibility of the threats affecting your bank’s ATM environment

Strengthen your bank’s overall security posture

Handle security incidents quickly and effectively

Prevent financial and brand damage

Talk to a security specialist

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