DDoS Protection

Hitachi Systems Security offers integrated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection solutions designed to help organizations detect, mitigate and report today’s most advanced denial of service attacks including Mirai and other malicious DDoS code.

To protect your IT infrastructure and maintain business continuity in the face of volumetric attacks like those that have recently emerged, you will need solutions that will protect your critical data and offer continuous defense.

Added Value


No Down Time

No network or application down time or slow time.

Best-of-Breed Solution

Our solution incorporates leading-edge technology, processes and of course Hitachi Systems Security expertise to keep your organization safe and secure.

Protect Against Attacks

Protect your infrastructure against application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, network anomalies, information theft and other types of attacks.

Shut Down Mirai and DDoS Attacks on Your Organization

Mirai botnet attacks continue to rise, using IoT devices to flood targeted websites in order to overload servers and disrupt service. These Mirai-infected devices have been uncovered in 164 countries, successfully attacking several organizations.

Radware and Hitachi Systems Security – have partnered together to dissect Mirai and other aspects of today’s DDoS threat landscape. Hear from experts on how to identify and stop these attacks

DDoS Protection Service Benefits

Dedicated Hardware to Fight Attacks

DefensePro uses a dedicated hardware platform to prevent high volume DoS attacks and DDoS flood attacks, without impacting legitimate traffic.

Behavioral-Based Detection for Highest Accuracy

Based on patented behavioral-based detection technology, DefensePro can accurately detect attacks in a very short timeframe with minimal false positives.

Automated Zero-Day DDoS Attack Protection

With a patent-protected real-time signature creation technology, DefensePro can automatically generate protection for zero-day and unknown attacks. Within 18 seconds, DefensePro can detect, characterize, and generate an optimal signature to block unknown attacks with a minimal false-positive rate.

Smart SSL Attack Mitigation

Patent-protected SSL attack mitigation solution that protects from all types of encrypted attacks with a reduced-latency solution. Supports asymmetric deployment environments that is crucial in cloud-based deployments such as scrubbing centers, service provides, and multi-homed deployments.

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