Governance Module

The Governance Module is a cybersecurity analytic tool designed to provide you with the right visibility of your organization’s overall security posture at one glance.

Easily accessible at all times through the ArkAngel risk management platform, the Governance Module dashboard focuses on the asset properties of your organization and the vulnerabilities that are discovered continuously. It helps you understand what your current security posture is, how it can evolve over time and how you can lower your cybersecurity risk in line with your business objectives

Added Value

Nearly all cyber attacks are the result of exploiting known vulnerabilities. As your dependence on technology increases and you introduce additional electronic systems and software to support your operations, the rate of discovering and exploiting software vulnerabilities will continue to rise.

Risk Overview

Measure the risk and identify high-risk assets to track using the results of vulnerability scans and control settings.

Business Systems Insight

Obtain a GRC overview of your business systems by identifying their confidentiality, integrity and availability levels. Identify the security frameworks to apply for each of your business system.

Vulnerable Asset Monitoring

Know your business group’s most vulnerable assets and get recommendations based on leading security best practices to mitigate your risks and improve your security posture.

Reporting Made Easy

Generate executive reports automatically from the ArkAngel platform.

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Governance Module Benefits

Hitachi Systems Security’s Managed Intrusion Detection Services offer the optimal combination of technology and human expertise to protect your critical assets from any type of cyber threat. Our team extends your IT team with specialized security expertise and ensures your protection around the clock.

Identify Risks and Get Recommendations

Get an overview of the current risk state of your infrastructure and use the generated recommendations to decrease your security risks.

Customizable Settings

Customize the settings according to your specific business needs and adjust them as needed.

Comply with Security Frameworks

Based on the 20 CIS Critical Security Controls, the module helps your organization comply with a variety of information security control frameworks. The controls are derived from the most common attack patterns of leading threat reports and vetted across a very broad community of government and industry practitioners.

Apply Security Frameworks to Your Business Systems

The Governance Module is flexible enough to be applied to a variety of other industry-relevant frameworks and standards, such as NIST, ISO 27002, PCI DSS and HIPAA.

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