Vulnerability Assessment

Be always ready by eliminating vulnerabilities early.

95% of all damaging cyber attacks are the result of exploiting well-known vulnerabilities. However, the vulnerability assessment and remediation process is sometimes overlooked as a critical component of sound security practices.

Added Value

Hitachi Systems Security’s Vulnerability Assessments identify the key information assets of your organization, determine the vulnerabilities that threaten the security of those assets, provide recommendations to strengthen your security posture and help mitigate risk, thereby allowing you to focus your IT resources more effectively.


Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

Our ArkAngel risk management platform maintains an up-to-date database and includes thousands of known vulnerabilities. Through the ArkAngel customer portal, you can see the threat levels in your network and learn how to fix them. For more advanced threat levels, our team of security experts will provide threat remediation assistance in the most effective way possible.


Be Always Ready

The ArkAngel risk management platform is continually updated with releases of newly identified vulnerabilities. While updates are automatically applied, ArkAngel checks for updates every time it runs a vulnerability scan to make sure that you are ready to defend your network against the latest threats.


Comprehensive Reports

ArkAngel provides you with a set of predefined reports and gives you the flexibility of creating your own, customized reports. Reports vary from executive-level to detailed technical reports, providing your organization with different perspectives that may be relevant to your users. Our security posture and trend analysis reports will provide you with a clear view of your network’s security evolution over time.

Service Elements

A Hitachi Systems Security Vulnerability Assessment usually includes the following elements:

Network Traffic Analysis (optional)
Vulnerability Scanning, including filtering false positives
Network Infrastructure Review (optional)
Production of a final Vulnerability Report
Scanning Validation
Vulnerability Research

Why Perform a Vulnerability Assessment

Regular Vulnerability Assessments demonstrate due diligence and are an important component of an organization’s overall risk management strategy.

Vulnerability Assessments should be performed in the following conditions:

As part of regular compliance reporting, such as PCI-DSS

As part of your ongoing organizational due diligence

After any upgrades to your organization’s IT infrastructure or applications

During the design and development of any new IT system

Vulnerability Assessments Services Benefits

Comprehensive Vulnerability Report Management and Incident Management Platform

Improve Your Overall Security Posture

Ensure proactive risk management, improve compliance with regulatory initiatives and gain a deeper knowledge of your potential problems.

State-of-the-Art Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning

Added Infrastructure Visibility

Discover previously unknown network inventory through a vulnerability assessment and determine remediation options.

Adherence to Internal Policies and Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Ensure compliance with customer and shareholder requirements, regulations and standards. We can help you comply with major regulations such as SOX, PCI, NERC/ CIP, SAS70/SSAE16, PCI-DSS, ISO and more.

Gain Insights and Recommendations

Obtain an inventory of vulnerabilities detected as well as comprehensive and prioritized recommendations for each detected vulnerability.

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